Specialist social work and psychosexual therapy services for people with injury, illness or disability.

Care Rehab provides personalised, client-focused Social Work and Psychosexual Therapy solutions. We are based in Sydney and provide a virtual national service in addition to home visiting services where required.

Social work interventions include psychosocial assessments, adjustment support and counselling, engagement with complex systems and Medicolegal reports. Our social workers are highly experienced in complex injury and acquired disability. Our social workers are members of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Psychosexual therapy is a holistic approach to sexual wellbeing including personalised support to help develop confidence in exploring sexual needs and abilities. Psychosexual therapy is non-judgemental, pleasure focused and inclusive. All relationship styles are welcome, and people may attend individually or with their partner/s. Psychosexual therapy is a talk based intervention where all clothes remain on and no physical assessments take place.

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